For all queries regarding submission of articles to OJEPN, please contact the Editor, Prof. Andy J. Wills, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submission templates

We prefer submission in LaTeX format, using our template, because this helps to miminize our production costs, and it allows you to see how your article will look once published -- here's an example.

Overleaf provides a convenient web-based system for creating LaTeX documents, and you can use our overleaf template. If you are unable to use LaTeX format, you may submit using the following template (click link and then click 'Download') for LibreOffice, a free and open-source alternative to Microsoft Word. The LibreOffice template also works with recent versions of Microoft Word (tested with Word Office 365).

Author processing charge

We'll never charge more to publish your article than it takes to cover our running costs. Our APC is currently £300, payable on acceptance of your article. If your paper is not in LaTeX format, and contains more than one simple equation, or more than one simple Table, you may be charged an additional fee for typesetting prior to publication. This fee is currently £100. Thanks to our sponsors, there is some funding you might be able to apply for to cover the APC.


We strongly encourage (but do not require) authors to upload a preprint of their manuscript at the same time they submit it to OJEPN for consideration. If you do so, please include a indication that the paper is currently under review at OJEPN. We recommend the psyArXiv preprint server.