Edmunds, C.E.R., Inkster, A.B., Jones, P.M., Milton, F. and Wills,  A.J. (2020). Absence of cross-modality analogical transfer in perceptual categorization. Open Journal of Experimental Psychology and Neuroscience, 1, 3-13. https://doi.org/10.46221/ojepn.2020.8639. First published: 7 August 2020.


Analogical transfer has been previously reported to occur between rule-based, but not information-integration, perceptual category structures (Casale, Roeder, & Ashby, 2012). The current study investigated whether a similar pattern of results would be observed in cross-modality transfer. Participants were trained on either a rule-based structure, or an information-integration structure, using visual stimuli. They were then tested on auditory stimuli that had the same underlying abstract category structure. Transfer performance was assessed relative to a control group who did not receive training on the visual stimuli. No cross-modality transfer was found, irrespective of the category structure employed.

Keywords: analogical reasoning, generalisation, strategies, learning, multiple systems


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